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At Smilekraft Dentistry, dedication to quality and patient safety is embedded in everything we do. Quality care means providing the best possible outcomes and partnering with you to make your dental experience exceptional. That’s the big picture, and we always keep it in mind.

To aid in achieving this endeavour, we ensure that all our equipment and procedures meet our quality standards and are at par with our international counterparts. Some of them are:

  • We provide goggles for laser protection.
  • We strive to ensure lesser exposure to radiation through digital x-rays
  • We ensure our sterilisation standards are upto to the mark with periodical sterility assurance
  • We provide crowns and bridges that are guaranteed with five, ten or fifteen years warranty
  • We only use implants from Nobel Biocare that come with a lifetime warranty
  • We use globally recognised brands for all kinds of dental material
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