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Full Jaw Implants

Full Jaw Implants

The pictures are of a complete transformation of the smile, bite and function of our young patient who had suffered long with gum disease that had affected all his teeth. The procedure involved the extraction of all the diseased teeth and tissue with bone grafting procedures performed wherever required followed by the placement of 22 dental implants in strategic locations to replace maximum number of teeth ensuring the future restoration of function and aesthetics to the best possible outcome customized specifically for the patient considering his age, health and expectations. 

In the first part of the procedure we used 10 dental implants to restore immediate functional and aesthetic needs. The remaining implants in such a case will be used in function after a mandatory healing period of 6 months.

The lower jaw was immediately restored following the All-on-four concept, while the upper jaw was restored using 6 Nobel Biocare Active dental implants.

The surgeries were performed in 2 consecutive days by Dr. Priyank Mathur, Dr. Shashwat Magarkar and Dr. Shruti Patil followed by the fixing of the long term fixed temporary teeth on the 4th day.

Scope of the treatment:

  • Replace damaged, loose, missing or lost teeth with fixed teeth
  • Restore lost bone
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Smile Makeover

Approximate time period:

  • A week

Cost estimate:

  • Approximately Rs. 7,00,000/- or USD 10,000.