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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

We just love Mr. Hollingbury. A lovable personality and a no-fuss attitude made him an ideal candidate for a major surgical procedure involving 8 Nobel Biocare and 6 ADIN dental implants.

Mr. Hollingbury had contacted us from the USA, to enquire about the possibilities of having full jaw dental implants in India. After a series of email discussions and trusting his instincts, he decided to take a leap of faith and visited us for the implant surgery.

He had already conveyed his then present oral condition to us via radio graphs and periodontal charting of his teeth while in USA. When he came to India, we got a final CBCT done after our physical consultation to plan for a computer guided dental implant surgery for both the upper and the lower jaws. A computer guided surgery was decided to achieve highly predictable and precise results combined with the ease and comfort of the surgery.

Dental Implants

The surgery was planned for two days with each jaw treated separately.

Because of the precision of the computer guided procedure, we were also able to attach his old denture temporarily to the 8 Nobel Biocare Replace Select dental implants, giving him a set of fixed teeth immediately on the day of the surgery.

This fruitful convenient first stage trip to India left him happily surprised and made him eager to come back after a few months to receive the final set of fixed teeth on the implants.

What we did:

Scope of the treatment:

  • Replace missing or lost teeth with fixed teeth
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Smile designing

Approximate time period:

  • 7 – 10 days

Cost estimate:

  • Rs. 4, 50,000/-