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Oral Surgeries in India

Smilekraft Dentistry is the first and only place in Pune to utilize the patented WaterLase Laser for all kinds of gum and oral surgeries, making them absolutely comfortable and safe for the patients.

Apart from the preventive and restorative dentistry performed at Smilekraft Dentistry, Dr. Priyank Mathur and his carefully selected team of oral surgeons particularly focus on performing various oral surgeries to perfection whilst easing out the fear and trauma associated with them. We are able to this owing to our specialized training, technological superiority and the compassion we carry towards every human being. In this section we will be describing in brief the routinely performed oral surgeries at Smilekraft Dentistry.

At Smilekraft Dentistry utmost care is taken while performing the oral surgeries by our professional team of oral surgeons. International standards are followed while performing surgeries like maxillofacial surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthognathic surgery, cyst removal, jaw surgery, third molar surgeries and surgical extractions.

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