Emax Porcelain Veneers

Emax Porcelain Veneers

Rohit visited us to get a second opinion on the treatment for the gaps between his teeth.

On discussing further, we realized that apart from the spaces, he also wished to improve on his existing teeth structure, thus enhancing his overall smile.

Our discussion ranged from the possibilities of braces to the convenience of composite bonding; till we finally decided to achieve all our targets with a single solution of having porcelain veneers. We concluded on Emax porcelain veneers after weighing the following possibilities:

  • Braces would have helped us to move the teeth in the desired position to close the gaps, but wouldn’t have helped in the structural improvement. Coupled with the time taken for the whole treatment, it didn’t seem too attractive.
  • Composite bonding would have given us instant results along with our desired structural improvement. But it came with the major drawback of durability.
  • Emax Porcelain or Ceramic veneers are expensive compared to composite bonding. But the attraction of beautiful, relatively instant and durable results of Emax veneers weighed much more in pros than the cons of its cost.

E-Max Porcelain Veneers

Thus, after our elaborate discussions and a week later, we were able to give Rohit what he had imagined to have.

What we did:

Scope of the treatment:

  • Close or fill gaps between teeth
  • Permanently whiten stained or discoloured teeth
  • Repair chipped or broken teeth
  • Correct misaligned, crooked, rotated or tilted teeth

Approximate time period:

  • 1 Week

Cost estimate:

  • Rs.60, 000/- for 6 E-Max veneers