Wisdom Teeth- Myths vs Facts

Wisdom Teeth- Myths vs FactsKnown as the third molars in our set of pearly whites, wisdom teeth are so called because they typically make their presence felt at the ‘age of wisdom’ which falls between the age group of 17 – 25 years. A lot of tales exist about wisdom teeth and their subsequent removal. Dr. Priyank from Smilekraft Dentistry is here to bust some myths and highlight facts concerning wisdom teeth.

  • Everyone must get their wisdom teeth removed
    This is not true. Only wisdom teeth which are impacted or partially erupted may cause complications and discomfort and need to be removed. Having said this, about 35% of the world’s population is born without wisdom teeth and will thus never be bothered by them!
  • Removal of wisdom teeth causes deformation of the facial structure and difficulty in chewing
    This is completely false. While a little swelling and tenderness may occur for a short while post the extraction, a person can revert to old eating habits after a few days. Facial structure too remains the same.
  • Milk shakes and ice creams are great after an extraction
    Luckily this one is true! The fact that these are soft and cold helps reduce the pain and swelling post the extraction.
  • It is best to remove wisdom teeth prior to starting other orthodontic treatment
    Some people worry that wisdom teeth may erupt and cause shifting or dislodging of other dental treatments. However, this is not the case for everyone. Before any procedure, it is essential you discuss this with your dentist for best results.

Unless impacted, your wisdom teeth should give you no problem with proper dental care. Regular visits to your dentist is the best solution to avoid problems with your wisdom teeth.

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