Smile designing/makeover in Pune, India
15 May 2017
In most countries, dental costs continue to burn a hole in the pocket with escalating dental prices for fairly simple procedures. But the biggest healthcare savings secret is out: travelling to India for affordable dentistry! So what are its pros and cons? Advantages: Ginormous savings: Studies show, you can save 50-80% on the cost of your dental work with a dentist in India. For example, a single tooth implant in the US can cost you $3,500 alone while the same here wouldn’t be more than $750-900. Low labour and construction cost work wonders, don’t they? Easier appointments: Did your crown…
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22 May 2017
Cosmetic dentistry more specifically refers to the art of dentistry. It goes beyond restoring an individual's teeth to their proper function, seeking to attain the most ideal and aesthetic results. This involves a high level of finesse with even the smallest details, such as how much tooth should be displayed in a particular smile. Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for celebrities or the wealthy. Smilekraft Dentistry’s wide variety of options and transparent price ranges now puts it within the reach of so many more people! Involving an array of procedures, cosmetic dentistry has a lot to choose…
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