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14 Jun 2017
Yes, we see those tell-tale signs of stress. Long working hours, children to attend to, running errands - we’ve seen it all. We know how this can adversely affect your emotional and physical well-being. But are you aware that it can also affect your teeth? Technically, these two are not commonly associated - but a strong link does exist. Do you find yourself waking up with an ache in the jaw? It is possible that grinding (bruxism) is affecting your teeth with stress manifesting itself in a number of ways. If left untreated, it can begin to affect your teeth…
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05 Jun 2017
Many people get average or substandard work if they go to another country for their dental work. Just like any place you go to - whether UK, Mexico, Thailand or the Philippines, you can find a mix of good and bad dentists. If you want to be successful at finding the best dentist in India, a little research is a must. Smilekraft Dentistry is here to help you find the best dentist in India, here are some tips: Quality comes first: You’ll get only what you pay for. Yes, a trip to India will save you money, but don’t sacrifice…
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