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14 Oct 2016
3 things you should consider before taking the plunge While most people dread wisdom tooth removal, it sometimes becomes a necessity due to factors such as overcrowding, placement or infections. Knowing how it can benefit you will ensure that you take the right steps for quick and effective treatment at Smilekraft Dentistry. Dr. Priyank takes you through three important things one should consider with a wisdom tooth removal: Is it a necessity? It is essential to have a good clinical reason to get your wisdom tooth removed. Wisdom tooth and wisdom tooth removal don't always have to coincide. Just because…
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13 Oct 2016
Known as the third molars in our set of pearly whites, wisdom teeth are so called because they typically make their presence felt at the 'age of wisdom' which falls between the age group of 17 - 25 years. A lot of tales exist about wisdom teeth and their subsequent removal. Dr. Priyank from Smilekraft Dentistry is here to bust some myths and highlight facts concerning wisdom teeth. 1. Everyone must get their wisdom teeth removed Myth. This is not true. Only wisdom teeth which are impacted or partially erupted may cause complications and discomfort and need to be removed.…
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